We are a 33-year old company located in a well-equipped factory of 9,000 square feet and staffed by a team of competent craftsmen with vast experience and skills in large bronze Buddha sculptures. In 1993, we made history in the Guinness World Records with the tallest bronze sculpture, and in 1997 we were awarded the Gold Prize in the nation-wide top ten architectural innovations contest.

Integrating advanced computer technology for surveying with traditional sculpting methods is a sure-win formula to create even more exquisite works of art. At Sheng Kuang, we apply consistent methods in our creation process - from sculpting, computer-based surveying, modeling, casting, bronzing through to on-site assembly.

Founded on the religious value of humility, our company adheres to the traditional principles of crafting Buddha artifacts while leveraging modern technology and the best techniques to create perfect sculptures that emanate elegance, compassion and intellect. At Sheng Kuang, our guiding principle of ¡§survival through real effort and driving continuous development through quality¡¨ has made our company a trusted and reputable brand globally.